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Next meeting in January
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Our book club continues with Frankenstein.

Wait! If you've only seen movies or cartoons; brides of Frankenstein, young Frankensteins, and sons of Frankenstein, you don't know the real story. It isn't as gruesome and gory and corny as you've been led to believe.

Doctor Frankenstein confronts the finality of death. Can modern technology help him? Where should ethics draw the line between what we should do and what we could do with life and technology? In the end, what is man capable of making and what are his limitations?

If you've never read the book before (or even if you have), read it this fall and join us for our discussion. As we get closer to our date I'll be posting news articles, snippets from medical/technological advances, and Scripture references to add to our discussion.

You can find the book almost anywhere; libraries, bookstores, online, etc. It is widely available through apps for phones and tablets (the free versions are the same text as the others).