Bethany Lutheran Preschool Power-Hour exists to strengthen families with young children by offering them an affordable program rich in spiritual, intellectual, physical, creative and social parent/child bonding activities.

Power-Hour at Bethany is offered two times during the school year, two four week terms in the fall and two four week terms in the springs. There are three sessions each term, Reds meet from 9 AM to 10 AM, Blues meet from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM, and Yellows meet from 12:30-1:30 PM.

"Power for Parenting" is an extension of Power-Hour at no added cost. Childcare is provided for registered students during this optional 30 minute Bible study geared especially for those who care for children. The study is held from 10-10:30 AM and 1:35-2:05 PM

We offer a unique learning experience for both parent and child. Activities are age appropriate for children 2 to 5 years, but younger siblings are welcome to attend. A parent, grandparent or caregiver attends with the child.

We are unlike any program our area has ever seen! Why? We believe that parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life.Trained teachers work with both the parent and child at the same time.The program is like a hands-on parenting workshop. When the class is over, parents have the tools to keep developing these skills in their children.

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"I am really enjoying teaching Power Hour. Thank you so much for writing this curriculum. I know it has to be a lot of work. Please know it is worth all the effort! It makes my heart so happy to be able to teach these families about Jesus. I've learned many new things from your curriculum. You've helped me understand early childhood a bit more through all the little notes you add. I have an elementary ed degree (K-8) from MLC, so this helps fill in the gaps since I don't have the background in early childhood. It's really helped me be a better teacher. Thank you!"

Molly Taylor
Prince of Peace Lutheran
Flower Mound, TX


* * *


"I just wanted to share some wonderful news with you. We celebrated 3 baptisms today! One of our sweet little Power Hour students and her two siblings became children of God! The blessings continued as three Power Hour families became members! It's simply amazing what God had done through the Power-Hour program. His Word is penetrating and powerful!"

Amanda Singh
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Flower-Mound, TX


* * *


"I am over here ugly crying tonight . . .

Another mom was the first one to tell me about Bethany Lutheran Preschool Power-Hour-a program of structured learning (in a faith -entered environment) that I could participate in with my kids. I signed up my two kids hoping it would help us all with the transitions coming up when my oldest started preschool.

Looking back, that decision was one of the best parenting decisions I could have made for us.
There were many times we showed up to class with me feeling frazzled, guilty for yelling at them for who knows what that morning (it was hectic to say the least for a couple years), and sometimes even feeling frustration during class because frankly it was hard to keep up with both of them.

We always ended Power Hour by singing the Rocking Song (the Lord bless you and keep you...and give you peace) with the kids crawling in my lap. As I sang the song I could feel the stress melt away and my love for the kids bring me strength to keep on. I can never convey how much that meant. I still sing it to my daughter every night and the song even brings comfort to my oldest.

This morning was our last class since my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall. This special chapter of our lives has come to an end BUT the lessons we learned will not be forgotten.

Melissa Mantey Pittenger Cathy Sharrett, Nancy Lorette are angels on earth. Thank you for giving the kids and I the chance to learn and grow in our faith and build for them a strong foundation for learning."

Margaret LaPlante
Bethany Lutheran Preschool Power-Hour Mom
Port Orchard, WA